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Can we learn from a place of power?

This weekend I had a conversation about education and classroom dynamics. In it, I said: We need to remember that students will have a wide range of reactions to any curricula or activities we bring to the classroom. There will always be some who are not drawn into an activity and others who love it. […]

The pain we cause

Gang rape, pulling a train, gang bang, serial sex.  These painful words that hurt, following or preceding or completely apart and separate from the acts they describe. And then that one word that looms so large: SLUT. And the smaller ones words that follow: she wanted it, she asked for it, dresses like a whore, […]

When maybe means…?

Last March I wrote a post about preventing rape through sex education.  It just got a new comment, so I went back and read my way through it again. I recently used the story I described in that post of a date rape told from two very different perspectives in a college classroom.  We had […]

My newest trick (no, it’s not what you’re thinking…dirty minds, all of you!)

Oh my goodness, it has been far too long since I’ve written here.  But I had a really good reason, I promise!  On Saturday, I co-ran a huge holiday fair at my daughter’s school.  As some of you may remember but probably not all of you know, it’s a private school for grades K – […]