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Those pesky personal questions

There is an article in yesterday’s NYTimes called Q. Did you ever smoke pot? A. It’s Complicated, that is far better than I feared.  It’s about whether or not to tell a preteen or teenager about one’s own drug use – either as a doctor or as a parent.  Many of the same issues and […]

Internet Issues and Privacy

On Monday I introduced a report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education called Young People, Ethics, and the New Digital Media (go to Monday’s post to download the report in its entirety).  The authors contend that there are five primary issues to address and investigate at the intersection of these three forces: identity (which […]


This morning a fellow teacher who, according to his degrees and professional standing, appears competent to do research, perform statistical analysis of the output, and make balanced statements about populations made such an outrageous statement to me that I am still having a hard time comprehending it.  He said: “Fat women all hate prostitutes.  The […]