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Internet Issues and Identity

Yesterday I talked about a 2008 report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education called Young People, Ethics, and the New Digital Media (go to Monday’s post to download the article in its entirety).  The authors identified five key issues in regards to the topic: identity privacy ownership and authorship credibility participation This report worked […]

How to do it: in the words of a young adult

I have recently been drawn into a conversation about teenagers, sexuality, and online activities on a massive e-mail group.  The conversation was started by a father posting a link to this Daily Mail article about the excessive promiscuity and online sexual activity teenagers are regularly engaging in.  I was unimpressed by the article – and […]

Sexy TV = Pregnant Teens

Here’s the thing about media images: they live in us.  The dramatic nature of the impact of visual images, particularly those in motion, on our psyches is hard to describe to people who watch a lot of media.  It is understood naturally by people who have spent times of their adult lives without much interaction […]

Blogs and thiefs

Yesterday – as with most days – I had more on my schedule than I could realistically get done.  About midday, as I was triaging, I noticed that there was a new link to my blog somewhere out there in the Internetz.  Generally I try and click through to anyone that’s linked to my blog […]

Advertisements – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Happy Friday! I had a serious post in the works that went back to Wednesday’s post about The Hurried Child, addressing Dr. Elkind’s assertion that middle school and even early high school is too young for sex education and that a class is an inappropriate place for sex education to be taking place.  But it’s […]