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How to do it: in the words of a young adult

I have recently been drawn into a conversation about teenagers, sexuality, and online activities on a massive e-mail group.  The conversation was started by a father posting a link to this Daily Mail article about the excessive promiscuity and online sexual activity teenagers are regularly engaging in.  I was unimpressed by the article – and […]


Here are some questions I’ve recently been asked: What exactly happens to your body during an orgasm? When a woman gets pregnant, is the orgasm that happens during sex what stops the woman from having her period when she’s pregnant? Why is it that when boys do gay things like gymnastics or ice-skating people call […]

Short advice for parents: How to make decisions

My friend and colleague Laura Olson came and spoke to my Child Development class on Monday.  Within her two hour (very informative and fun) lecture, was this gem: Birth to seven years old: Parents make the decisions. Seven to fourteen years old: Parents listen to the child, then make the decision. Fourteen years old through […]