My Sex Ed in a Bag Activities were featured at the 2013 and 2014 National Sex Ed Conference, and people loved them! Take a look:

2013 activities:



This activity is a great conversation starter around gender. Participants brainstorm gender role stereotypes as an introduction to the activity. Then they create puppets representing their own gender identities.



This activity is designed to be an engaging, fun, and fast-paced conversation starter about boundary setting, decision-making, and coercion within the context of sexting. Discussion questions include what constitutes an appropriate way to make a request of a partner, how to decline a request, and what to do when someone has (or you have) pushed too hard.



This activity is designed to expand participants’ preconceived notions of what a romantic date might include. Romance means different things to different people, and acknowledging the importance of your own romantic needs and wants as well as your partner’s needs and wants can support the well-being of the relationship.



This activity is designed to allow students to experience specificity in language. In many relationship conversations, people choose to be ambiguous in order to (they hope) spare their partner’s feelings. Far too often the ambiguity leads to confusion and hurt feelings. You should link this activity to talking with your partner about what you want from them, either romantically or physically.



This activity increases participants’ knowledge about the male reproductive system. Participants create a life-sized model of the system, learning how the anatomical features fit together through cards. After the system is arranged, participants discuss the creation of sperm and how it moves through the system.

2014 Activities:

2014 lessons

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Alcohol is blamed for many social issues, even as it is used to smooth over social engagements at high rates. Education around alcohol and sexuality tends to be focused on statistics and sexual assault. Many students, both over and under the legal drinking age, find these approaches difficult to relate to. This activity leads students through experiencing and seeing what research shows are the effects of alcohol on social interactions and then prompts student-led discussions.


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Consent is a frequent topic in many high school and college classrooms. This activity adds to the body of activities concerning consent by inviting participants to actively engage with the language of consent and consider its effectiveness at conveying intent and desire. This activity is best done after a group has considered how to make sexual decisions.


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This activity is designed to encourage participants to think about the external and internal features of gender that they identify with boy/girl or woman/man and the validity of those correlations. This activity is best done in groups of 10 – 15.


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Even the best of relationships can come with worries and concerns, and more difficult relationships are riddled with them. Our cultural expectations are such that single people also often have worries related to relationships – that they won’t find the right person and so on. This activity is designed to help participants consider all of those theoretical relationship “what-ifs” and brainstorm ways to react.


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