The worst day of my life was when I found a suicide note on my twelve-year-old daughter’s nightstand. It read in part, “No one understands me. I can’t keep up with my friends when we walk across campus. My teachers think I am faking it. The famous doctor we saw said I am a mystery. My best friend died from leukemia. He knew I was weak and sick, too. Maybe I will be next”….

I immediately called Karen. She gave me invaluable advice including: “Write your daughter a love letter and elaborate on everything you absolutely love and adore about her from the time she was born. Never forget that every conversation you have with her is just a rehearsal for the next so fill it with acceptance, support, and openness so she will trust your unwavering love and want to continue to come and share her feelings with you.

That night, my daughter read my love letter to her. She stood up and threw her arms around me and said, “Yes. You understand.”

Today, she still suffers from the chronic connective tissue disorders of: hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, POTS, MCAS, and medical PTSD. It has been eleven years and Karen has always been there when I’ve called to provide just the right wisdom when at times my heart felt as though it was breaking.

– Candy Sparks, President and Cofounder, Children’s Airway First Foundation,

I have known Karen professionally and personally for quite some time, and she has always had my respect. However, it was when my son started having more complications with his heart and his Autism that Karen really demonstrated her love, care, affinity and generous listening in a way that words can not express. Through her coaching, I got experience being seen, heard and valued not as a business partner, not as a friend, but as a mom who loves her son and sometimes struggles just like everyone else. She made me feel at ease and OK with however I was feeling. Within a few weeks my son and I went from having upsets nearly every day to…maybe once a week. In a Golden (AuADHD) house that’s a blessing. My son and I are now having richer, deeper and calmer conversations. I am so excited for what’s next and I know it wouldn’t have been possible without her support. Thank you Karen for your time, compassion friendship and love.


I wanted to say how thankful in for you spending time and soul with me last Monday. Something happened in me during/after that talk that felt like a kick to the heart, in the best way. Lots of things that have been in a dust storm came together and (are still) settling, but in a shifted way. That will be a talk I’ll always remember. I can’t thank you enough. Hugs and thank you.

– Jennifer

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