My teenage daughter recently completed a sex ed course with Karen and we couldn’t be happier. Prior to this class she was very uncomfortable bringing issues of a sexual nature to me for discussion. She is now able to speak freely with me and our relationship is much closer. The class not only offered her the information she needed, but more importantly, it gave her the tools and confidence to make appropriate choices in her life. – Mom

I had my daughter do some classes with Karen and they were awesome. I feel that she skipped many chapters of my life history that were tough to survive by virtue of what she learned working with Karen. Karen also helped me so much with navigating the topic of human sexuality and how to parent my child through the introduction to this most powerful and confusing and wondrous aspect of being human. -Angie

Isn’t the Internet wonderful! I have spent much of this last week trying to find a therapist to give me some answers to Michael’s and my problem. I had been calling numbers out of the yellow pages to no avail, and then my wife suggested I try the Internet.  She said i find everything else on the Internet so why not?  I thought it wouldn’t be much help until I got down a couple of pages in my search and found you.  I was delighted to see that you have teleconferencing.  I want to thank you for your immediate response and the excellent advice you gave me today.  I will follow that advice, and will call back next time if and when I need help.  Sincerely grateful, James.

As a parent I was having great difficulty figuring out the way, the words and the proper timing to talk to my child about sexuality. It is after all something that will have a large impact on the rest of his life and, as most parents, I wanted to do it right. Fortunatelly I had the opportunity to attend a class with Dr. Karen Rayne. The class was not only informative, we got among other things, statistics of all kinds, ideas on how to talk to our children about this topic at various ages, etc. most importantly, this class clarified for me why it is that I want to have this conversation with my child. Also, Dr. Rayne helped me achieve a comfort level within myself so that my conversations with my child/children would be clearer and more beneficial for all. Her dedication to the education of parents and teens is palpable and very inspiring. – Diana

Karen brings a voice of reason to areas that often provoke strong and diverse feelings — communicating with and the parenting of adolescents. Her blog on adolescent sexuality is a reality check on the world adolescents live in today along with good, grounded advice. -Susan

Karen is extremely insightful and knowledgeable in the field of adolescents. She has been so helpful to me in helping me communicate more deeply with my 15 year old son, especially in the area of sexuality. -Marianne

Karen is an amazing resource both for the “facts of life” and for helping people communicate in real-life relationships. -Alice