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Newsflash: Sex is good for you!

That’s a bit simplistic maybe, I could break it down and a few qualifiers, but right now I’m not going to. As an overarching aspect of the human experience, sex has the potential to be an incredibly positive and moving force in an individual’s life – in your life! I hope for each of my […]

Taking the world by the lapels

Here at Casa de Karen, I do not have a television.  There are a few shows that I keep up with on my laptop, but this has its limitations and flaws.  One of these limitations is that I am at least a week behind in watching Glee.  So I had not seen last week’s episode […]

Some answers to middle school students, in short

On Friday I posted some of the questions and topics that my middle school students had asked in class last week and I promised short versions of my answers today.  Here you go: First, the questions from the more reticent class (dealing with erections and periods, and rape and how it relates to age): I […]

Herpes – a complicated primer

When I tell people that I teach sex education, I often get a response along the lines of, “Well there isn’t really much to teach, is there?”  But the thing is, this content often IS complicated.  Perhaps at first glance the physical act of penile-vaginal intercourse is relatively straightforward, but many other things just aren’t.  […]

What they need to know: Side effects of hormonal birth control

I will periodically be writing posts about important aspects of healthy sex and sexuality that young people who are sexually active (or might be sexually active at some point in their lives – this means all of them!) should know.  Some of these may only be relevant to some young people, like this first one […]