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On trust

I am working with a production company from France to create a documentary about human development from birth through the beginnings of puberty and sexual interest. My conversation, of course, will come primarily at the end of the film. In addition to an interview piece, they asked that I gather a group of 12 – […]

Immaturity as an excuse, or no?

Many adults – perhaps all adults? – look back on at least one thing they did in a relationship as a preteen, teenager, or young adult and are embarrassed. They regret their actions and the pain they caused someone they professed to care about. My regret? I was in 9th grade, and dating a truly […]

Grandparents talking about sex

When I was about 19, I had the following conversation with my grandfather (GF) and great-grandmother (GG) about my same-age cousin: ————————- GG: Well, your cousin just moved in with her boyfriend. Me: Oh, that’s nice! Good for her. GF: Yes.  She’s told us that she is sleeping in her own bedroom and he is […]

Sex as a responsibility – part 4

Today is Part 4 in this series on sex as a privilege for which there are responsibilities, and I will focus on the social responsibilities. You can read the introduction in part 1, the physical responsibilities in part 2, and the relational responsibilities in part 3. (As a side note, I am in the process […]

Rumors, and the associated yuckiness

Okay, I am diverging from this week’s regularly scheduled blog posts again. I’ll have to return to them next week. Last night rumors swirled around a community of adults about one young woman’s theoretical, or rumored, sexual activities. It’s unclear how the rumors got started, or whether there is any truth to them. No one […]

Crazy Blind Date

Okay, so this site isn’t for younger teenagers – it explicitly states it’s for those 18 and older, actually. But it’s still a fascinating phenomenon. Crazy Blind Date. Ever heard of it? They get your information, information about what kind of person you’d like to date, where in your local city you’d like to meet […]

Your questions, my answers! (Part 1)

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  Although this post was originally supposed to be for Friday, I got so many good questions on Wednesday that I did not feel they would all fit in one post. That said, I am still open to more questions for the rest of today or until about 10 PM Eastern […]

Getting caught with my girlfriend: How not to react!

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  My girlfriend and I had been having sex for at least three months when finally we got caught. I was just about to go take a nice warm bath after we were done but we cuddled for a bit too long and her mom came in before she was dressed. […]

Christmas vacation!

We all need a break–a nice, long vacation–every now and again. Others are booking flights and hotel accommodations in advance. There are people who love to charter a private jet similar from Jettly to go to their destinations. It seems that adults just don’t get that very often. This time of the year, the lucky […]

Abuse and it’s consequences

When I was a child and young adolescent, I had several very inappropriate experiences with significantly older youth and with men. This was pretty hurtful to me. I ended up acting out sexually, promiscuously. I think there was connection, but who knows? I was in the time period of drug, sex, rock and roll, so […]