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Top Ten Things To Do Before You Have Sex: A list for teenagers

This is actually an old post.  But I have had many requests for it again recently, and so thought it was worth bumping back up to the front for a day.  And yes, this is something to show your teenagers if you think they’re thinking about starting to – or have already started – having […]

What I think, an Introduction

I wrote an e-mail to a friend last week, and mentioned to the recipient that if she was interested in knowing more about my perspective on sex education and how parents figure into that, she could come to this blog. She did. The next time we talked, she pointed out that while my blog was […]

Top Ten Things To Do Before You Have Sex: a list for teenagers

(Just to be clear, these are things to do before you have oral sex, sexual intercourse, or anything else that could get you pregnant or an STD.) 1. Have an orgasm. Yes, before you start having sex, you should give yourself an orgasm. It’s important to know what feels good to you before you can […]

How to gut it out…A Top Ten List For Talking To Teens About…Well, you know.

1.Know yourself. What are your expectations, your hopes, and your fears about your teenager’s sexual and romantic development?  You’ll have far more control over yourself and your interactions if you have a full understanding of these things. 2. It’s not about you. Your teenager is, in fact, discovering sex for the first time.  They don’t […]