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What happens when you take the sex out of sexuality education

I recently attended the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy’s annual conference and learned all sorts of interesting things and had great conversations with lots of people! Several of the sessions I attended were about language and how to discuss sexuality education in ways that calms people’s nerves, opens them up to further conversation, and […]

Building a sexual vocabulary

Many Middle School students – okay, let’s face it, many Americans – have a hard time holding a serious conversation about sex using correct terminology.  Even among adult, many conversations about sex include a lot of insinuations, a lot of suggestive and knowing glances and meaningless phrases like “Well, he … you know … and […]

So much to do, so little time!

I am so sorry to be so far behind on posts!  My presence here has been truly abysmal, but I promise there are good reasons for it – I am currently teaching five regular classes, the occasional one-time class, working on my book, and trying to keep my personal life in some sort of order.  […]