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Serious talk about sexting

There’s been a huge amount of talk about adolescent sexting recently.  It seems to have suddenly become popular enough – or at least its popularity seems to have sunk into adult awareness enough – to be everywhere all of a sudden.  Parents and interviewers have in the past couple of weeks come out of the […]

Sexting: What now?

So here’s my overview from last Thursday and Friday‘s conversation on sexting: Yes, it can be problematic, as can almost any form of communication. Texting is (currently) a ubiquitous communication method, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, so as parents, teachers, and caring adults, we have to make our peace with […]

Sexting, take two

Yesterday I wrote about sexting, in the original, text-based sense.  Today I get into those terribly troubled waters when teenagers send sexual images – either stills or video – of themselves. I’m hesitant to write about this topic, which is perhaps telling in and of itself.  I write about a lot of controversial issues (like […]

Sexting, oh sexting.

I’ve been asked a number of times in recent months what I think about sexting. So finally: my long-awaited response! There’s two different kinds of “sexting” that need to be addressed, and the issues are so substantially different that they need two separate conversations. So today I’m going to address text-only texts, e-mails, and other […]