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How the law impacts our sexuality

I talk with my college students about the law interacts with individual sexuality at some length every semester.  It’s always a fun, interesting class with some great activities.  But I’ve struggled in the past with how to introduce the class.  I begin every class with a song that pertains to the day’s topic in some […]

Sexual bullying is not okay, even when it’s your sister

Welcome back from the holidays!  But more on that later, because I’m too worked up on this topic to be able to concentrate on returning-from-holidays-niceties. There is a recent meme floating around in the flotsam of the great wide Internet that seems to be causing much inappropriate hilarity.  Here’s the basic gist: A teenage girl […]

Sexting, oh sexting.

I’ve been asked a number of times in recent months what I think about sexting. So finally: my long-awaited response! There’s two different kinds of “sexting” that need to be addressed, and the issues are so substantially different that they need two separate conversations. So today I’m going to address text-only texts, e-mails, and other […]

How to talk about awkward sex things…

Last week’s Zits columns were fantastic.  I have always liked Zits, and this is just one more example of how fabulous this column is.  On Monday, we saw Jeremy and his girlfriend kissing.  Jeremy is a bit…over-enthusiastic: On Tuesday, Jeremy’s girlfriend comes to talk with him about the quality of their kissing relationship.  She manages […]

An open letter to my students, young and old

Dear Students, When you want to talk about some of the more delicate issues in your own sexuality or your children’s sexuality, it is fine for you to say that these issues actually belong to your friends or your friends’ children.  I’m really fine talking in those terms.  I will go out of my way […]

Say “No.” But nicely.

On of the activities I do with my middle school students is have them role-play saying “No” to sexual advances and requests for a date.  I do this not because I think they are in the thick of needing to say no to would-be-suitors and would-be-sexual partners, but because they will eventually be in the […]

The confluence of sex and alcohol

Earlier this week I was at SXSW Interactive, where I spoke about sex education online.  I had a great time attending panels, networking, meeting people, and generally geeking out on social media and technology.  During the off-hours, there were parties with lots of free alcohol that went on late, late, late into the night. I […]

Today’s ruminations on age

“How old ARE you??” “You have KIDS??” “Wow, I never would have guessed.” At this International Women’s conference, they have decided to group youth (high school) and young adults (19 through 35 years old) together into a social group they call YAYAs (Youth And Young Adults).  This means that I am technically a young adult, […]

How to do it: in the words of a young adult

I have recently been drawn into a conversation about teenagers, sexuality, and online activities on a massive e-mail group.  The conversation was started by a father posting a link to this Daily Mail article about the excessive promiscuity and online sexual activity teenagers are regularly engaging in.  I was unimpressed by the article – and […]

Top Ten Things To Do Before You Have Sex: A list for teenagers

This is actually an old post.  But I have had many requests for it again recently, and so thought it was worth bumping back up to the front for a day.  And yes, this is something to show your teenagers if you think they’re thinking about starting to – or have already started – having […]