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Condom Week: The KuKluxKlan, meth labs, and AK-47s

While we’re on the topic of condoms, I want to take a moment to address the issue of public perception. Sexuality education and sexual health are both often relegated to the back room of a red light district sex worker studio. Not that there’s anything wrong with the back room of a red light district […]

People like me are killed here.

Hi, my name is Karen, and I’m gay and a Texan. My first girlfriend taught me to notice who was around me before I touched her so that neither of us would be beaten or killed. I thought, ignorantly, that she was being silly. It was 2011 for goodness sake. But I live in Texas, […]

Grief and Sentencing in India

When the news was announced yesterday that four men in India would be hanged for the brutal rape of a young woman there were intense responses from all over the world. But far too many of them – because even one would be too many – were cheering for the capital sentence these young men […]

A granddaughter, daughter, mother, and future grandmother’s thoughts on abortion

I have been in Germany for the past month, wandering through Amsterdam’s red light district, seeing condom ads plastered across public walls in Germany, generally enjoying myself. I spent most of my time with my mother and my daughters. Immersing myself amongst the females in my family was well-timed. I returned just a bit before […]

Sexual Identity, Race, and Gender: The Evolution of Equality

Thanks, Upworthy, for pointing me in the direction of this infographic from Daily Infographic. It puts many things in context. (While, of course, leaving out others, but on the balance I like it.)

Everyone has something to come out about

Happy National Coming Out Day! This day has been set aside to increase awareness of people who are open about their LGBTQ identity. This year in particular, with the election right around the corner, the Human Rights Campaign and others are encouraging people to call their elected officials and “come out” as LGBTQ or an […]

Say No to Crazy, Yes to Legal Rights!

There is a video making the Internet rounds of a crazy woman giving an anti-LGBTQ rant at a Lincoln, Nebraska city council meeting.  And I assure you, it is well worth watching for the utter hilarity of figuring out how she ties together the television show Winter Wipeout, “orgyers,” Whitney Houston’s death, Hillary Clinton’s lesbian […]

Ignoring what’s in front of you

When parents ignore what’s in front of them, they lose the chance to have meaningful conversations about choice with their teenagers.  Here’s an example (if you’re receiving this via e-mail or RSS, you’ll need to come back to my site to watch the video): What could the mom or the dad have said here – […]

Teenagers in prison

While this is not a topic that is terribly related to adolescent sexuality, it is one that is receiving a lot of attention recently. One week ago the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether sentencing a juvenile – someone under 18 years old – to life in prison without the possibility of parole is cruel […]

One youth’s experience with Sexuality Education Advocacy Training

The Unitarian Universalist Church contacted me back in March to let me know about an up-coming advocacy event for comprehensive sexuality education.  After a number of e-mails, a delightful young woman agreed to write a post for me describing her experience with the training and the advocacy.  I hope you enjoy her story: Hello! My […]