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Interviews and links

I am delighted to have been interviewed by Boinkology recently. Go take a read and read my (rather lengthy) answers to these questions: What got you interested in adolescent sexuality? In your writing, you stress the importance of parents talking to their kids about sex. Does it matter how parents address the topic, or is […]

Gender and Sexual Identity Development – part 1

I recently met the delightful 24-year-old Sarah Dopp. Sarah‘s understanding of gender and sexuality has developed over the years into a delicate balancing act between male and female, gay and straight. Sarah generously agreed to an interview to provide some insight into the path of defining sexuality when the standard road maps don’t make sense. […]

Interview with Nancy Bruno

I recently spoke with Nancy Bruno. Bruno’s new book, Beautiful Women, is now available. Beautiful Women is a book of photos of 35 beautiful women, ages 3 through 90. In addition to the pictures, there is a story snap-shot of each woman and how she got to where she is. Here is my conversation with […]

Interview with Robert Jensen

Last Thursday morning I had the pleasure of speaking with Robert Jensen about pornography and raising kids in a sexually saturated society. I have mentioned Jensen’s newest book on pornography in a previous post. Several articles he’s written are on his website. What is a brief description of how you see porn? When you look […]

Dan Savage on Sex Ed

I’ve introduced Dan before – he’s my favorite sex advice columnist. Here’s another short intro: Dan talks about sex and tells things like they are in a way few advice columnist (or people, for that matter) are willing or able to do. He’s the go-to-guy for everything from freaky to vanilla sex or relationship questions. […]

Interview with Howard Schiffer

Yesterday I spoke with Howard Schiffer, author of How to be the Best Lover: A guide for teenage boys. I wrote about Howard’s book several days ago. Here is our conversation: K: Can you explain why you wrote How to be the Best Lover: A guide for teenage boys?H: Because I felt like I had […]