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Sexual bullying is not okay, even when it’s your sister

Welcome back from the holidays!  But more on that later, because I’m too worked up on this topic to be able to concentrate on returning-from-holidays-niceties. There is a recent meme floating around in the flotsam of the great wide Internet that seems to be causing much inappropriate hilarity.  Here’s the basic gist: A teenage girl […]

Screwed up gender

I just returned home from a gay dance club.  I like to go dancing – pounding music and blinky lights relax me, apparently, in a zen-like meditative kind of way.  I make no apologies.  Why the gay dance clubs in particular you might be asking yourself?  (Or the answer is obvious, but I never assume…)  […]

Sexting: What now?

So here’s my overview from last Thursday and Friday‘s conversation on sexting: Yes, it can be problematic, as can almost any form of communication. Texting is (currently) a ubiquitous communication method, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, so as parents, teachers, and caring adults, we have to make our peace with […]

The confluence of sex and alcohol

Earlier this week I was at SXSW Interactive, where I spoke about sex education online.  I had a great time attending panels, networking, meeting people, and generally geeking out on social media and technology.  During the off-hours, there were parties with lots of free alcohol that went on late, late, late into the night. I […]

Top Ten Things To Do Before You Have Sex: A list for teenagers

This is actually an old post.  But I have had many requests for it again recently, and so thought it was worth bumping back up to the front for a day.  And yes, this is something to show your teenagers if you think they’re thinking about starting to – or have already started – having […]

Sex as a responsibility – part 4

Today is Part 4 in this series on sex as a privilege for which there are responsibilities, and I will focus on the social responsibilities. You can read the introduction in part 1, the physical responsibilities in part 2, and the relational responsibilities in part 3. (As a side note, I am in the process […]

Sex as a responsibility – Part 3

Last week I wrote the first and the second parts of this series. I apologize for the longer-than-planned interlude before this, the third part! Here is my position: Having sex with another person is a privilege, and with privilege comes responsibility. Hence, having sex with another person necessitates a level of responsibility both to that […]

Sex as a responsibility – Part 1

On Friday I wrote about the importance of talking with teenagers about privilege vs. responsibility in sexual decision making. Here’s the first concrete step a parent or a teacher could ask a teenager to begin a conversation around this topic: “How is hooking up with someone different from, say, playing a computer game with someone?” […]

Parenting during Spring Break

Every March there are op-ed pieces, well researched articles, numerous blog posts, and general conversation about the horror that Spring Break has become. These articles describe a picture of heavy drinking and outrageous sexual extravagance by young women for the viewing pleasure (and later the direct physical pleasure) of young men. This year, the L.A. […]

Another Guest Blogger

(Written by guest blogger Wendy Harlowe.)  Dr. Rayne has kindly let me weigh in as a guest blogger for the few days while she is at the SXSW Interactive conference; she knows one of my favorite topics in life is sex! I think this blog is playing a crucial role in the needed discussion of […]