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How to carry a condom the right way

The Dinah Project recently had a post about how to carry a condom, and ended the post with a good argument for why girls should carry their own condoms. It’s a good post. Straightforward, interesting, and educational. You should forward it on to the teenagers you know, so they’ll be one step closer to using […]

Jock Sturges: artist or pornographer?

As long as we’re talking about the line between appropriate and inappropriate adolescent sexuality, I thought I would bring up Jock Sturges. There is much controversy about Jock Sturges‘ photography. Mr. Sturges primarily takes pictures of nude adolescent girls on nude beaches. The contention is whether or not Mr. Sturges’ pictures are nude art or […]

FLDS in Texas: What’s really going on?

I have been thinking, reading, and speaking with more people about the heartrendingly painful events taking place here in Texas. 416 children from a Fundamentalist Church of Later Day Saints (FLDS) ranch were taken into state custody just over two weeks ago. This point everyone agrees on. Almost everything else, it seems, have people disagreeing. […]

Rumors, and the associated yuckiness

Okay, I am diverging from this week’s regularly scheduled blog posts again. I’ll have to return to them next week. Last night rumors swirled around a community of adults about one young woman’s theoretical, or rumored, sexual activities. It’s unclear how the rumors got started, or whether there is any truth to them. No one […]

Gender and Sexual Identity Development – part 2

Yesterday I posted the first half of my interview with Sarah Dopp about her gender and sexual identity. We spoke about how she defines herself and how that has developed through her life and within her social networks. Today we talk about family. ___________________________ KR: Have you talked with your parents about your gender and […]

Gender and Sexual Identity Development – part 1

I recently met the delightful 24-year-old Sarah Dopp. Sarah‘s understanding of gender and sexuality has developed over the years into a delicate balancing act between male and female, gay and straight. Sarah generously agreed to an interview to provide some insight into the path of defining sexuality when the standard road maps don’t make sense. […]

alcohol and drugs and rape

 (Written by guest blogger Wendy Harlowe.) I said I would write about substance abuse and adolescent sexuality, but I am amending that. I think there are plenty of people who use alcohol and drugs without abusing them (experimentation lies in this realm), but I think my opinions still stand. Instances of rape (including date rape) […]

Another Guest Blogger

(Written by guest blogger Wendy Harlowe.)  Dr. Rayne has kindly let me weigh in as a guest blogger for the few days while she is at the SXSW Interactive conference; she knows one of my favorite topics in life is sex! I think this blog is playing a crucial role in the needed discussion of […]

Dove Self Esteem Campaign

Dove has launched a major self-esteem campaign, aimed at reaching 5 million young women by 2010. I’ve posted two of the commercials created by this campaign (Evolution and Onslaught). The goals of Dove’s campaign are good: The Dove Self-Esteem Fund (DSEF) was established to raise the self-esteem of girls and young women to make them […]

Venetian Chastity Belts

One of the places I went on vacation was Venice. It was truly amazing. The history was immense and fascinating. Venice survived as a city state for more than a thousand years. Sometimes Venice managed this through its location (great for trade, extremely difficult to attack), sometimes through it’s extreme wealth and penchant for gaudy […]