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My review of Juno

I loved Juno.  I thought it was a smart, interesting, and real portrayal of teenage pregnancy.  What struck me as surprising was that Juno is really a movie for adults about a teenager.  It’s more common to see movies about teenagers for teenagers. There are plenty of positive, even rave reviews of Juno.  Mostly the praise centers around fully-formed portrayals […]

Making the holidays

A friend has a teenage son. She was trying to figure out something to make him for Christmas. Of course, this is a very individual thing, and different teenagers like different kinds of things. But here are some ideas of things to make for teenagers: food (cookies, especially sugar cookies cut and decorated to look […]

The Midwest Teen Sex Show

Okay, so this is really, truly funny. I’m very impressed with the writing, the truthfulness, and the humor. of the ones I’ve watched so far, my favorite is #5 The First Time. It’s honest, it’s funny, it’s effective. I’d highly recommend it to teenagers. However, there are others that I’m not so fond of–like the […]

Preteena by Allison Barrows

I have introduced several of my readers to the fabulous comic strip Zits about a 15-year-old boy and his family and friends. It’s a great strip. Now I’d like to introduce you to a lesser-known comic strip called Preteena (or PreTeena). It’s about a 10-year-old girl and her family and friends. What I like most […]

Condom Fashion

You’ve gotta love this. Talk about taking wearing a condom to a whole new level! These are all images taken during a fashion show at the Fourth Annual China Reproductive Health New Technologies & Products Expo. It was, rather unimaginatively, sponsored by Guilin Latex Factory, China’s largest condom manufacturer. But honestly, I can forgive a […]

How not to talk to kids about sex…

For Better Or For Worse is a great comic strip. The author, Lynn Johnston, is in partial retirement, so some of the strips that are running now are from the early years of the strip. This is one of those early strips (it also ran yesterday). What a lovely image of how not to talk […]

Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

Good morning, folks, and TGIF! I’m all worn out from the week, so I’ll let Mr. Scott and Mr. Borgman do the heavy-lifting for me. Yesterday’s Zits strip (8/25/07) was a great example of a parent sharing too much personal information – and a legitimate response from their teenager. While in this example is about […]

This American Life Episode 341: How to Talk to Kids

This weekend’s edition of This American Life is a must-listen for anyone with kids or teenagers or anyone who ever interacts with kids or teenagers. Here’s what they talk about: A raunchy comedian gets booked on a tour…of kids’ sleep-away camps. A middle-aged woman grapples with right and wrong in talking to her teenage daughter […]

Funny safe sex

This is just too funny! The original site has the image animated – which is, of course, even funnier.

Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman