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And still more on condoms…

Yesterday’s condom commercial got me looking for other fabulous ones…and I found this one.  What do you think?

More on condoms…

My dad recently sent me this fabulous condom commercial…don’t I have a great dad?  You should send it to your kid too!

Advertisements – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Happy Friday! I had a serious post in the works that went back to Wednesday’s post about The Hurried Child, addressing Dr. Elkind’s assertion that middle school and even early high school is too young for sex education and that a class is an inappropriate place for sex education to be taking place.  But it’s […]

Condom commercial and other videos

Still loving these condom commercials. I’m running out of new ones, though, so I’m looking to start making my own video. I would love a little technical help on front end – anyone out there a video guru? I can probably work with you long distance – I just have some questions and need a […]

German condom commercials

Germans take sex education far more seriously than Americans. That is to say, they go ahead and bite the bullet and do real sex education rather than stuffing their fingers in their ears and humming loudly whenever anyone brings up the issue. This was made loud and clear to me in my recent time in […]

Condom Fashion

You’ve gotta love this. Talk about taking wearing a condom to a whole new level! These are all images taken during a fashion show at the Fourth Annual China Reproductive Health New Technologies & Products Expo. It was, rather unimaginatively, sponsored by Guilin Latex Factory, China’s largest condom manufacturer. But honestly, I can forgive a […]

Condom Commercial #10

There is a big problem with this commercial. Most teenagers – most people I expect – would see this commercial and believe it, but be unwilling to apply it’s message to their sexual partners. Without substantial conversation, this commercial just wouldn’t influence many people’s actions. Convincing teenagers that their partners might – gasp! – lie […]

Daily Condom Commercial #9

The last commercial in this delightful series. Americans run funny, engaging commercials on every other topic – I wish we could run them on safe sex too!

Daily Condom Commercial #8

The second out of three! See below for the previous one…and come back on Monday for the grand finale!

Daily Condom Commercial #7

This is the first in a series, folks, so come back tomorrow for the girl’s perspective!