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Dynamite by Taio Cruz

This song took much of my classroom attention last week. In each of my three college classes we watched the music video. Dynamite is a relatively well-known, currently popular song. Most of my college students had heard it, many of them had danced to it in the clubs. But only one or two had seen […]

Gender and sexual assault education

Last week my attention was mostly elsewhere.  Some of that attention was on writing a piece for RH Reality Check about creating and implementing effective sex education programs about sexual assault and rape.  A recent New York Times piece mulling over whether it is more appropriate to target education in gender-specific ways (i.e., for men […]

Jar’o’sex Question 1

My first YouTube video – aren’t you proud of me?

Time on Ladyboys in Thailand

I was delighted to read this article in such a “popular” magazine as Time: Where the ‘Ladyboys’ Are Monday, July 7th, 2008 By Hannah Beech Life can be complicated enough for members of the transgender community — the last thing they need is to hesitate between two bathroom doors: Male or female. Luckily for students […]

Rock Band

I am writing this a few minutes midnight, and my little brother is playing Rock Band with a friend (he says his name is Satan).  They are both graduating from high school on Sunday – although neither of them was sure whether or not they were going to be or not until several hours ago.  […]

Research on Masturbation

I have three questions to answer: Typical age of masturbation onset (by gender). Typical age of orgasm/ejaculatory onset (by gender). Typical age of highest masturbation frequency (by gender). So what’s up with the relative lack of research on this topic? (Yes, that was a rhetorical question, for you smart-alecks in the peanut gallery.) Here’s what […]

How to carry a condom the right way

The Dinah Project recently had a post about how to carry a condom, and ended the post with a good argument for why girls should carry their own condoms. It’s a good post. Straightforward, interesting, and educational. You should forward it on to the teenagers you know, so they’ll be one step closer to using […]

Gender and Sexual Identity Development – part 2

Yesterday I posted the first half of my interview with Sarah Dopp about her gender and sexual identity. We spoke about how she defines herself and how that has developed through her life and within her social networks. Today we talk about family. ___________________________ KR: Have you talked with your parents about your gender and […]

Gender and Sexual Identity Development – part 1

I recently met the delightful 24-year-old Sarah Dopp. Sarah‘s understanding of gender and sexuality has developed over the years into a delicate balancing act between male and female, gay and straight. Sarah generously agreed to an interview to provide some insight into the path of defining sexuality when the standard road maps don’t make sense. […]

What a boy wants

Conventional wisdom suggests that teenage boys have one thing on their minds. And it’s not history class. Statistics that support this theory abound: Teenage boys have testosterone surges multiple times a day. Teenage boys think about sex an average of every 28 seconds. The theories go on. A study was recently published in the Journal […]