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Bodies and sex in the age of the profane

I just this morning opened a new book, Sacred Economics: Money, gift & society in the age of transition by Charles Eisenstein. (You can read the entire thing online, as well as watch a video that I haven’t watched yet, on that website.) Opening a new book like this – one that is outside of […]

Vagina Madlibs

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, or talk with me about my classes often, you probably know that my college classes wrap-up with a big creative project. Some of them are amazing (some examples here). This last semester I had a student who was torn about her final project and e-mailed me several […]

Eating disorders

I want to take a moment to honor those men and women who have died from eating disorders. I want to lay a blanket of snow and fog over the world to stop everyone from moving, pushing their way forward with disregard to the harm we do to ourselves and to those around us by […]

How to do sex ed, NYC style

One of the most common questions I get from parents is how to start the conversation with their kids about sex. I was recently on a little vacation in New York City, and because I rarely take a mental vacation even if I’m taking a physical vacation, I took pictures of a few items of […]

Sexaulity in the Media Wednesday!

This is the last of the SiM Wednesdays for a little while.  But it’s a really, really good one. This image comes from one of my online students.  She was looking at what the media portrays as beautiful.  She was annoyed by what she found – that most of the images of beauty look very […]

Nakedness and self image

I recently wrote a post about nakedness – nudity, actually – that was sparked by reading an autobiography of sorts by a nude model.  That post sparked a lovely conversation with a Naturist from the UK.  And then, a few days ago, I showed a bunch of pictures of naked people to my college class. […]


I recently read Live Nude Girl: my life as an object by Kathleen Rooney.  The book chronicles Rooney’s experiences in being a live nude model, discusses the history of nude modeling, and delves into the psychology of nudity in general.  I quite enjoyed the book. What I felt was missing completely, and quite a glaring […]

Being yourself, even in the media

Today is the last in this semester’s series of my college students’ Sexuality in the Media projects.  We’ve had three so far (body shapes, teen parents, and LGBTQQIA).  But today’s project is easily my favorite of the semester.  The beauty of both the image and the message are both stunning.  Melissa Hernandez created this image […]

Body shapes in the media

Today we are continuing on the fabulous media images my students created this semester.  Earlier this week I posted images about teen parents about LGBTQQIA in media. Today’s student, Faith Jaschke, was looking at representations of body shapes and sizes in advertising.  She found over the semester that there is a substantial amount of unhealthy […]

Bodies and age and modeling

There has been much to-do, over the past several months, about “plus-sized models.”  All of this conversation is, of course, moving media images in the right direction.  But it is using language that is damaging. First, some history: The bulk of this conversation started back in September when Glamour magazine put a photo of a […]