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A granddaughter, daughter, mother, and future grandmother’s thoughts on abortion

I have been in Germany for the past month, wandering through Amsterdam’s red light district, seeing condom ads plastered across public walls in Germany, generally enjoying myself. I spent most of my time with my mother and my daughters. Immersing myself amongst the females in my family was well-timed. I returned just a bit before […]

Mama Who Bore Me

I had the pleasure of seeing Spring Awakening on Tuesday.  I had never seen it, nor had I read a full plot description.  So while I knew it was one of those things I needed to see, I didn’t have any preconceptions or really any details at all. What I found in Spring Awakening was […]

“I had an abortion.”

One of the recent belly pictures I put up was of a woman had an abortion.  Her picture included a bit of personal jewelry that she asked me to take out for privacy reasons – she was concerned her young teenage son might see the picture and wasn’t sure she was ready for him to […]

McCain and Obama on abortion

This is from last night’s presidential debate:

Abortion, Porn, and Other Generally Bad News

This week has not been an uplifting one for those looking for progressive and women-friendly laws about sex. And frankly, I don’t have quite the energy to rage. Instead, here are the words of others: RH Reality Check talks about how anti-abortion groups are subtly shifting their focus from narrowly protesting abortion to widely protesting […]

Interview with Tina Hester from Jane’s Due Process

Karen: Hi Tina, and thank you for meeting to talk with me about your work. First, can you tell me a bit about Jane’s Due Process Legal Hot-line? Tina: Jane’s Due Process was formed after the state legislature passed a parental consent law for minors to obtain abortions. So Jane’s Due Process provides minors with […]

Abortion and politics

RH Reality Check had a really great post on abortion yesterday. While I highly recommend you read the whole thing, here are several of the points that stood out to me: “There were many disturbing moments during the Republican presidential debates last week . . . But what had to be one of the more […]

Parental Notification and Consent Laws

Yesterday, New Hampshire repealed their law which required minors to notify their parents that they were getting an abortion (the 2003 law was never enforced, due to a law suit by Planned Parenthood stating that it did not make provisions for the health and safety of the minor). Parental notification means that one or both […]