I have been terribly remiss in posting the truly outstanding projects that my students have created the past few semesters. I want to address that, so I am going to post one of the media images my students created each Wednesday for the next few weeks.

First, and most prominently, a song. Last summer a quiet student named Tyler Gros stunned me with this song. He wrote, sang, and mixed it himself. Over the course, he focused on representations of elder sexuality in the media, and had presented a series of thoughtful and insightful images.  The song that he created at the end was far superior to anyone else’s media he had presented thus far.

Take a listen!

The lyrics:

I’m Feeling Sexual by Tyler Gros

When I came home from work late one night
I went upstairs and found my wife
She was there butt naked layin on the bed
And then she called me over to spread her legs
I said damn Doris whats gotten into you?
She said what? Old people cant get (bleep) too?
Then I stood there, and I thought to myself. Damn im feeling really…

Sexual – Everyday Always
Sexual- Rain, Sun, or Shine
Sexual- Come over and take a ride
Sexual- Let me get up inside
Sexual- At the Nursing Home
Sexual- At the Grocery Store
Sexual- At the Pharmacy
Sexual- Cause that’s how I Be

This type of stuff happens everyday,
Havin sex on the reg like every way.
Yeah sometimes I might use Viagra,
But what can I say my wife a grabber
Of the private parts or the genitalia,
I swear these aren’t lies I’m telling ya.
I always got the wife on my mind,
So she better be ready all the time
Because I’m Feeling…..