I was going to write a post today about how I am starting a middle school sex ed class up this year and see if anyone was interested in joining us (Why do a big comprehensive sex ed unit in middle school?  See yesterday’s post for answers!) … but then I found the following.  And I just couldn’t wait to share it.

Disney Princesses and their movies are horrible role models for children – boys and girls.  I can talk about the issues until I’m blue in the face, but I think nothing I can say will be as effectiveness as the sarcasm dripping off the following videos.

To be clear: The relationships shown in Disney videos are by and large unhealthy for a raft of reasons, including codependency and emotional and physical abuse.

Favorite line from this one: “You should always find a stranger to obsess over, and then genetically modify yourself for that stranger. Never be comfortable in the body you’re given. If you don’t like the way you look: snip snip! Nothing wrong with that!” – Ariel

Favorite line from this one: ?”Desire is when a man wants you so much that he’s willing to yell at you and beat down your door and tell you if you don’t eat with him, you don’t eat at all!” – Belle