I have something to confess: I am highly remiss and negligent.  On October 20th, 2008 Paul Sunstone awarded me with his highly prestigious, highly sought after Sun Mountain Award.  It even comes with a number!  See:

But seriously, I am very honored.  Paul’s blog, Cafe Philos, is one of my favorites.  Paul’s posts are always interesting, and often talk about two subjects close to my heart: teenagers and sexuality.  Paul also said some very complimentary things about me, which frankly made me blush a little.  He calls me wise!  I love it when people do that.

In other news, my blog has been nominated for two Weblog Awards!  If you like this blog, please a moment of your time to go vote for me!  You can find my nominations for Best Hidden Gem and Best Individual Blogger.  On those pages, you’ll find my blog listed about half-way down the page.  You can click the little green circle with a plus sign on it right below my blog information, and you’ll see my score go up by 1.  Hooray!  Thank you!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.