Yesterday I filmed all day long with two delightful French documentary makers. We filmed at three locations: an interview at an office at UT, a local sex store where I introduced vibrators to an older teenager, and a local Unitarian Universalist church where I led a sex class for middle school students about sexual anatomy and masturbation. It was exhausting.

Probably the most fun was introducing the middle school students to the vibrators and the vulva puppets. We had lots of great laughs and silliness – as all human sexuality classes should.

And today I am resting.

Because tomorrow I head to Dallas to be trained in Our Whole Lives, the Unitarian Universalist human sexuality curriculum. The curriculum covers Kindergarten through High School, plus as two adult curricula. I will be in the training to present the 7th – 9th grade and 10th – 12th grade curricula. Much fun! But much exhaustion as well.

So today I am resting.