The Dinah Project recently had a post about how to carry a condom, and ended the post with a good argument for why girls should carry their own condoms. It’s a good post. Straightforward, interesting, and educational. You should forward it on to the teenagers you know, so they’ll be one step closer to using condoms correctly.

Here’s a few excerpts from the post:

To this day, carrying condoms in wallets and back pockets are common choices for men. It needs to be said that fantasies aside, your luck with shine through so much better when your contraceptive is intact. There is something to be said for not having to fumble around for a condom when the time comes, but pulling out a shabby, old prophylactic isn’t going to impress a soul.

Besides all this logic and practicality, sharing the condom load between the sexes inspires other creative benefits. For example, it can be the ultimately cool way to overcome the awkwardness of covering the bill in these times when having him pay up just doesn’t always feel right. Dinner is on him, condoms are on you. Well, sort of.

So go read the whole post! You might learn something, and you can pass that knowledge on to so many people in so many places!