Okay, so this site isn’t for younger teenagers – it explicitly states it’s for those 18 and older, actually. But it’s still a fascinating phenomenon. Crazy Blind Date. Ever heard of it?

They get your information, information about what kind of person you’d like to date, where in your local city you’d like to meet them, and when you’re available. Then they set you up with someone on super short notice – like, half an hour. And you’re not allowed to know anything about the person before you meet them at the date. You can go on a solo date or a double date.

I have to say, after reading through the site and generally approving of their methods to ensure you are who you say you are, I can see the appeal of going on a Crazy Blind Date.

Nevertheless, I also see the point that my friend who alerted me to the site made: It doesn’t seem too terribly safe. Even though you’re meeting in public and have proved you are who you say you are and all that happy jazz. I think, were I a single college student, I would probably set up several blind double dates with a friend, to see if it was totally lame or not.

What do you think? Is Crazy Blind Date:

(A) a fun, spontaneous way to meet new people?

(B) another poorly conceived way to make yourself stalker-fodder?