I wrote an e-mail to a friend last week, and mentioned to the recipient that if she was interested in knowing more about my perspective on sex education and how parents figure into that, she could come to this blog. She did. The next time we talked, she pointed out that while my blog was interesting and that she enjoyed reading it, she didn’t actually get much from it about my actual perspective.

So here we go, boys and girls: This week is going to be all about what I think about sex education and parents. I thought about doing a Top Ten list, but really there’s just three critical points. So I have a Top Three List instead:

  1. Parents have to talk to their kids about sex. Before the kids start asking (because by then it’s too late).
  2. Everyone has sex. Just not all teenagers. But all teenagers do need to learn the facts about sex. It’ll come in useful at some point. Promise.
  3. Sex is not all bad. Even for teenagers. In order to maintain credibility, parents have to acknowledge that fact.

This is going to be a 3-part series. Once I have written the other parts, they’ll be linked from the comments section at the bottom of this page.