Getting caught with my girlfriend: How not to react!

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.) 

My girlfriend and I had been having sex for at least three months when finally we got caught. I was just about to go take a nice warm bath after we were done but we cuddled for a bit too long and her mom came in before she was dressed. This is where things broke down. She asked her why I was seeing her naked. Then she just started yelling, threatening to take her out of our school, threatening to do lots of things for no reason. Talking about how she couldn’t trust us anymore. Although it took awhile she eventually calmed down. Although she was not happy with it, she eventually realized that there was no way to really stop us and practically gave us her blessing. Why she had to yell and throw a fit in the first place is something I may never understand. Now she gives us space and privacy when we are together (which is not as often as I would like as she is at college four hours away). We are now allowed to sleep in the same bed at night and generally do whatever we wish to do as long as we are not to loud. I really appreciate how open her mom has become now and I think all parents should be that way. I do wish more parents would stop and think about their reaction if they catch their son or daughter. Yelling at us only put up a wall between us and her mom, and if anything would have made us more determined to get away with it without her permission had she persisted. Had she stopped to think instead of jumping all over us, we could have talked about it like rational adults.

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