This is a fabulous organization: Sistas on the Rise. Here is what they say about themselves:

Sistas on the Rise is a space for young women of color ages 13-21, to take ownership and power over their lives and create a healthy community. We acknowledge that young women of color need a safe space to develop their leadership skills, socio-political analysis and organize without being marginalized. We realize that many young women who became pregnant drop-out of existing youth programs because they do not receive the support necessary for their continued participation.

One of our goals is to build sisterhood among young women who have children and those who do not. Sistas on the Rise is a space where young mothers and women of color raise consciousness, build sisterhood and take action for social change.

We provide workshops, activities and trips that develop leadership skills and teach our young women to be critical and active members in the community.

How can you get a better organization than that? I am so pleased that teenagers and young adults are coming together and taking responsibility for themselves and integrating themselves into the community. Because it seems like such a far-off day when most adults are able to take that first step towards truly intergenerational acceptance, I am glad to see that young women are engaging.

I wonder if there are other branches of this organization outside of NYC?

What other organizations do you know of that are run primarily by young women for young women?