There’s lots of talk about how racy or sex-filled television shows are likely to increase sexual activity among teenagers.

But the study linked above, and much of the rest of the talk on this topic, don’t really talk about teenagers – they talk more about pre-teenagers, or early teens. As a teenager I didn’t really have the time to spend watching television – I was much too busy engaging in life and with my friends and yes, with my boyfriends, to spend my limited hours watching someone else engage in life! But as a preteen, and as an older child, I spent plenty of hours watching television – much of it about teenagers and their social and sexual lives. (Saved By The Bell anyone?)

The point is that there is far too much talk about teenagers watching sexy television, and far too little talk about older children and preteens watching sexy television. Those earlier images are the ones that can really paint a person’s permanent picture of sexuality and have serious long-term impacts on relationship skills.

What do you think? Did you watch much television in your older childhood or preteen or teenage years? How do you think it affected your sexual choices at the time or later in life?

And what about your children and teenagers? How much do you monitor their television for sexual content, and what impact do you hope that monitoring (or lack of it) will do for them?