Do you know condoms come in different shapes and sizes? Does your teenager know that?

Five researchers from the University of Indiana have recently reported that lots of men report that condoms just don’t fit quite right – men think that condoms are too short, too long, too tight, and too loose.

It seems to me that anyone – teenagers or adults – would have a hard time using a condom if they didn’t fit right. Regardless of whether the condoms are too tight, too loose, too short, or too long, they won’t be worn if they don’t fit well. Not to mention the safety issues inherent with mis-fitting condoms! Too loose or too long means too likely to slip off during sex. Too short or too tight means too uncomfortable and likely to rip. Any of these things happening makes teenagers (and adults) less likely to trust, and therefore less likely to use, condoms.

So what to do? Try out different condoms. They come in different shapes and sizes, and there’s probably a pretty decent fit for you out there somewhere. A good place to start is the Dinah Project’s lovely condom review page. Many stores also sell mixed packs of condoms, so you can try out several kinds.

Even just knowing that condoms are different may help your teenager be open to keep trying different kinds until they find one that works. So be sure your teenager knows it!

Thanks to The Dinah Project for the condom picture!