I saw Hairspray last night. It was good, campy fun. I was really struck by the innocence of the dating relationships. When compared to American Pie and the dreadful genre of movies it has inspired, Hairspray was a delightful return to the fumbling, romantic interest many teenagers experience.

I am not saying that some teenagers’ prime motive for dating isn’t sex. I am not even saying that most teenagers’ prime motive for dating isn’t sex. But for many teenagers the reason they’re dating is that inexplicably heady feeling that they get when a certain someone walks into the room. Not a certain feeling in their groin.

Our current spate of hyper-sexualized media teaches teenagers that sex is the reason they should be dating. And that’s just stupid. I wish we could have more movies like Hairspray – something that portrays the adolescent experience as something other than a 24/7 search for that first (and subsequent) roll in the hay. Maybe I’ll start my own movie company. What do you say? Who’ll go in with me on this one?