Yep, here’s a real treat folks. Marvel Comics and Planned Parenthood teamed up in 1976 to publish a comic book on safe sex. The villain is an alien who wants teenagers to pop out babies so he can steal them and take them back to his home planet as slaves. To further his plan, the villain teaches the teenagers of American falsehoods about pregnancy and pregnancy prevention, lulling them into having rampant, unprotected sex. Here’s the villain providing sufficient exposition for the purposes of the story:

Spider-Man manages to save the day just in the nick of time, taking out a whole slew of guards and the evil alien to boot.

The comic is followed by a delightful page that tells the readers about pregnancy, VD (when did they stop using that term?), masturbation, and homosexuality. Only some of the information is still good information – but I suspect this comic had the potential to positively influence young boys in the 70’s.

But really, it’s worth reading all the way through this 18-page gem on Andrew Fargo’s blog.

Thanks to Radikelsey at Fun with Feminism for the link.