Folks, I am going on vacation. It’s been so long since I went on vacation and left all of my work behind me, I can’t even say when the last time was. It was certainly not in the last two years, and probably even longer. I didn’t even take off more than two days when my youngest kiddo was born.

While I’m gone, I have a special guest blogger coming in to keep you informed and entertained about adolescent sexuality over the next two weeks. Her name is Kathy Horton. She will post three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). Here is a little bit about Kathy, so you’ll know where she’s writing from:

“I’m a psychotherapist with old ties to the Austin Waldorf School and the Austin pagan community. I have two adult daughters who successfully navigated their adolescent sexuality (with of course, much anxiety on my part). “

I think Kathy will treat you well and provide you with interesting food for thought. Be kind to her and give her lots of feedback through your comments. I will be back, renewed and refreshed, on July 30th.