This, from the Dinah Project, is all about a new form of permanent birth control (although I’d just go ahead and call a goose a goose and use the word sterilization). If you’re thinking of getting your tubes tied, this might be a better option. A gynecologist inserts one very small spring into each of your fallopian tubes. No surgery, very little discomfort. Over about three months your fallopian tubes scar up so that eggs can’t travel down them any more.

And this, from the Reverend Debra Haffner, about the kinds of rebukes and insults that sex educators face in this country. Among other things, she talks about her experiences as the Director of Education at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington in the context Missouri banning Planned Parenthood from schools.

And finally, this from the RH Reality Check blog on young boys’ sexual experiences and education. The particular focus of the blog is on how to support teenage boys’ and young men’s physical and psychological health, particularly as they relate to sexual choices and experience.

They’re all good reads, I promise!