Will You Get an STD???

Even if you (or your child) get an STD, everything will probably be okay. I want to take Robert’s comment from a previous post, and make sure everyone read it:

The risk of a list like this is that it can over stress STDs, you want to give good information, but you don’t want to come off like a sexual version of Reefer Madness. Most the STD’s listed are relatively difficult to contract. Many are very easily curable. You don’t want to understate the risks, especially of things like HIV, but if you overstress it, I have a feeling that teenagers’ BS meter will start ticking.

This point is a very, very good one. Most STDs are generally curable. Information, good choices, and access to good health care will carry most everyone through just fine.

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Dr. Karen Rayne has been supporting parents and families since 2007 when she received her PhD in Educational Psychology. A specialist in child wellbeing, Dr. Rayne has spent much of her career supporting parents, teachers, and other adults who care for children and teenagers.