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How to do it: in the words of a young adult

I have recently been drawn into a conversation about teenagers, sexuality, and online activities on a massive e-mail group.  The conversation was started by a father posting a link to this Daily Mail article about the excessive promiscuity and online sexual activity teenagers are regularly engaging in.  I was unimpressed by the article – and […]

“I had an abortion.”

One of the recent belly pictures I put up was of a woman had an abortion.  Her picture included a bit of personal jewelry that she asked me to take out for privacy reasons – she was concerned her young teenage son might see the picture and wasn’t sure she was ready for him to […]

Staying interested

The other day the illustrious Paul Sunstone left the following comment on this post: One of the challenges that I’ve found when talking with teens is boredom on my part. At first, that might sound counter-intuitive, Karen. After all, our sexuality is so important to us that it might be hard to imagine someone could […]

On Trust (and what it means about innocence and knowledge)

This morning I was thinking about trust.  About who has it, and who doesn’t.  And what that means about innocence and knowledge. Because I occasionally find myself in front of a group of young teenagers talking about this most intimate topic, promising I won’t tell their parents what they say, teenagers often confide in me […]