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The seductive allure of the music…

Tonight I am preparing for a class tomorrow morning on gender.  I start all my college classes with a song that is relevant to the topic, and my dear partner and I were playing around with music for tomorrow, including The Kink’s Lola, Vitamin C’s Girls Against Boys, Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy, and […]

Sexy TV = Pregnant Teens

Here’s the thing about media images: they live in us.  The dramatic nature of the impact of visual images, particularly those in motion, on our psyches is hard to describe to people who watch a lot of media.  It is understood naturally by people who have spent times of their adult lives without much interaction […]

Advertisements – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Happy Friday! I had a serious post in the works that went back to Wednesday’s post about The Hurried Child, addressing Dr. Elkind’s assertion that middle school and even early high school is too young for sex education and that a class is an inappropriate place for sex education to be taking place.  But it’s […]