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I’m looking for a dreamy manager to tell me what to do…

But not in a sexy way. Just professional. That’s all. The good news is that my work is growing, which is so exciting! The bad news is that I can’t quite keep up. Unless that’s good news because it means YOU are the perfect person to come and work with me! I’ve thought about what kind […]

Intimacy in Assisted Living

The assisted living industry provides residential, medical, nutritional, functional, and social services for approximately 1 million older adults in the United States. This category includes assisted living homes as well as residential care facilities for the elderly located within assisted living facilities or independent living retirement communities such as the one at www.carltonseniorliving.com/community/orangevale/, complexes that […]

How I have failed you and your children

Every time a young person ends up having sex they feel ambiguous about because they haven’t learned how to say no, I have failed.  Every time a young person contracts HIV due to lack of knowledge, I have failed.  Every time a young person is bullied or ostracised because he or she is gay, I […]

About Mosch, my stepfather

Last week, my stepfather, Mosch Virshup, was in a terrible bicycle accident. He is unconscious in the neurological ICU at the University of New Mexico Hospital. Mosch came into my life when I was already a teenager – I met him through the church youth group as a high school freshman. The first time I […]

Sexerati and Girl-Children

Last week I was interviewed by Melissa Gira on Sexerati and Felicia on Reign of the Girl-Child.  Here is a bit of a teaser from both, so you’ll go read the whole interviews where they actually live. Questions from Melissa Gira on Sexerati: MGG: I’ve heard a number of adult educators working with youth & […]

Who’s on first?

Today’s funny comes from the fabulous webcomic xkcd.  Here is the direct link.

How to talk with…your parents…about sex

I am delighted to let everyone know that Scarleteen.com recently published a piece I wrote for teenagers called About That “Talk” with Your Parents….  You and your teenagers should all read it. The highlights include: Your parents probably want to talk with you about sex too, and they just can’t find the words to start […]

Who jumps first?

One of the things I talked about in my presentation last week was the difficulty of starting conversations about sex.  This is only exasperated, of course, when you’re trying to have the conversation between generations rather than within the generations. I talk with my friends, my peers, about sex.  Most (although not all) teenagers and […]

A Top Ten list for talking to teenagers about…you know…

One of my old posts – A Top Ten List for Talking to Teens About…Well, you know… is up online today at RH Reality Check!  Go check it out, either at RH Reality Check or on my site.

ICUUW Wrap-Up and International Sex Education

What a weekend! This International Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Women (ICUUW) has brought together so many amazing women who do so many amazing things that I have simply not been able to keep up.  I am also quite sleepy from staying up far too late with the young people and getting up far too early […]