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Talking to Kids About Their Online Networking

I am very excited to announce that Kiwi Commons, where I am a resident expert resource, has revamped their website and blog.  Kiwi Commons is an organization dedicated to providing “the best Internet safety resources for parents, educators and youth workers across North America. To encourage proactive strategies for youth and online safety through education, […]

Internet Issues – Conclusions

Over the last two weeks I’ve been talking about a pretty fabulous report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education about the potential ethical issues many teenagers face when interacting online and in social media – and the benefits and pitfalls associated with the issues.  This report is one of the best academic reviews of […]

Internet Issues and Participation

Today I continue our conversation on how the ethical issues that present themselves to young people using social media by talking about participation.  The start of our conversation is here, and links to the other posts on the same topic are all in the comments section below. The Harvard Graduate School of Education report defines […]

Internet Issues and Credibility

I am still writing about the Harvard Graduate School of Education report on young people, ethics, and social media.  My series started with an introduction, and I have so far delved into the topics of identity, privacy, and ownership/authorship.  I am boiling down the report to a quicker read for those who don’t want to […]

Internet Issues and Ownership/Authorship

Busy, busy day today, folks, so if you want background on today’s post, go look at yesterday’s post. The report that I’ve been talking about presents the complex issue of ownership and authorship thusly: Offline, ownership and authorship are well-define concepts, protected by law and reinforced by cultural norms in corporations and schools…  For various […]

Internet Issues and Privacy

On Monday I introduced a report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education called Young People, Ethics, and the New Digital Media (go to Monday’s post to download the report in its entirety).  The authors contend that there are five primary issues to address and investigate at the intersection of these three forces: identity (which […]

Internet Issues and Identity

Yesterday I talked about a 2008 report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education called Young People, Ethics, and the New Digital Media (go to Monday’s post to download the article in its entirety).  The authors identified five key issues in regards to the topic: identity privacy ownership and authorship credibility participation This report worked […]

Internet Issues

The Internet is a huge, hulking thing with so many nooks and crannies it can be hard to know where you are, much less know where your children are.  I have heard many horror stories about the Internet, and just as many stories of supportive networks and friends who use online media as a way […]

Serious talk about sexting

There’s been a huge amount of talk about adolescent sexting recently.  It seems to have suddenly become popular enough – or at least its popularity seems to have sunk into adult awareness enough – to be everywhere all of a sudden.  Parents and interviewers have in the past couple of weeks come out of the […]

Negotiating the Parent/Teen Divide Over Social Media

On Tuesday afternoon I moderated a panel of two teenagers and two parents at SXSW Interactive about how parents and teenagers interact around social media (Facebook, MySpace, etc.).  It was a pretty awesome panel, if I do say so myself.  You can read @shelbyknox‘s live tweets along with the full conversation from all attendees.  Here […]