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Sexuality in the Media – part 3

On Wednesday I described an assignment I give to my college Human Sexuality students where they create a media image that incorporates positive sexuality.  I am posting three best projects from my class this semester.  On Wednesday, I posted about the blog Avant Garde Bodies, yesterday I put up sexy advertisements that showed real women’s […]

Sexuality in the Media – part 2

Yesterday I introduced a project I use in my college level human sexuality classes where students learn how to analyze media images for their sexual content (and the quality of that content) and then create a media image of their own. The second project is from Heather Haygood.  She created sexy advertisements for gum and […]

Sexuality in the Media – part 1

I also, as many of you know, teach human sexuality at the college level.  Many of these students come into my classroom with vast misunderstandings of the reproductive system (“Isn’t it true that every time you jump or sit down hard you kill one of the eggs in your ovaries?”) and barely any experience with […]