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Vagina Madlibs

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, or talk with me about my classes often, you probably know that my college classes wrap-up with a big creative project. Some of them are amazing (some examples here). This last semester I had a student who was torn about her final project and e-mailed me several […]

Sexaulity in the Media Wednesday!

This is the last of the SiM Wednesdays for a little while.  But it’s a really, really good one. This image comes from one of my online students.  She was looking at what the media portrays as beautiful.  She was annoyed by what she found – that most of the images of beauty look very […]

Sexuality in the Media Wednesday!

Last fall one of my students was looking at toys and how gender and sexuality are represented in toys.  I think she was expecting to dislike what she found, but she ended up being truly horrified.  To counteract the very narrow messages that gender-specific toys send, she created this public service announcement to remind us […]

Sexuality in the Media Wednesday!

I have been terribly remiss in posting the truly outstanding projects that my students have created the past few semesters. I want to address that, so I am going to post one of the media images my students created each Wednesday for the next few weeks. First, and most prominently, a song. Last summer a […]

Video advice from a cartoon princess

I was going to write a post today about how I am starting a middle school sex ed class up this year and see if anyone was interested in joining us (Why do a big comprehensive sex ed unit in middle school?  See yesterday’s post for answers!) … but then I found the following.  And […]

Being yourself, even in the media

Today is the last in this semester’s series of my college students’ Sexuality in the Media projects.  We’ve had three so far (body shapes, teen parents, and LGBTQQIA).  But today’s project is easily my favorite of the semester.  The beauty of both the image and the message are both stunning.  Melissa Hernandez created this image […]

Body shapes in the media

Today we are continuing on the fabulous media images my students created this semester.  Earlier this week I posted images about teen parents about LGBTQQIA in media. Today’s student, Faith Jaschke, was looking at representations of body shapes and sizes in advertising.  She found over the semester that there is a substantial amount of unhealthy […]

Media messages about teen parents

Yesterday I showed you the first of this semester’s Sex in the Media projects – and now here is the second! As part of their Sex in the Media project, my students often investigate how teen parents are represented in the media.  It’s a mixed bag, frankly, with sometimes glassy-eyed-approval of the beauty and sweetness […]

LGBTQQIA and Advertising

For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time, you may remember that about this time last year I posted three projects from my college students that were positive representations of sexuality in the media (Avant Garde Bodies, condom/bubble gum print ads, and True Beauty).  I have four more student projects […]

On the Glamour parade

I wrote a reaction over on The Belly Project about Glamour magazine’s article and accompanying photo spread with “plus-sized” models. Glamour’s rather self-righteous tone and the plethora of too-excited, supposed-society-exploding headlines were all getting to me. The one really good thing to come out of Glamour’s photo shoot? This really beautiful picture: (Please ignore the […]