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Condom Week: “But then she/he will think…”

Tying back in, somewhat, with Monday’s post on debunking theoretical myths about condoms, let’s talk about that pervasive issue: the people (who you rarely actually have in your classroom) who think that if their partner (who you do have in your classroom) requests a condom, it means that the partner is cheating. Or that they […]

Everyone has something to come out about

Happy National Coming Out Day! This day has been set aside to increase awareness of people who are open about their LGBTQ identity. This year in particular, with the election right around the corner, the Human Rights Campaign and others are encouraging people to call their elected officials and “come out” as LGBTQ or an […]

Absolute proof that sex ed saves lives!

(Here’s the necessary background to the story that I am about to tell, a prologue, if you will:  In addition to teaching my middle and high school classes, I also teach college courses on human sexuality through various psychology departments, both in person and online.  My online classes are offered through the University of Maryland’s […]

Why we need sex ed now!

This is a great graphic!  And there is a special section all dedicated to Texas about half way down.


If you follow me on Twitter, you know I spent a few weeks this summer in Germany with my two kids visiting my mother.  It was a lovely vacation. Here are some things I noticed that struck me as very different from America, and of interest in this space: Swimming (or Comfort with bodies and […]

Where to keep those pesky condoms?

Condoms offer incredible protection against unwanted pregnancy and STD transmission.  They are the idea contraceptive for responsible teenagers because they also provide STD protection. But condoms need to be taken care of: They cannot get too warm or too cold (like in a car), be rubbed about (like in a pocket or a wallet in […]

On condoms and first-time-sex

Last night I finally went to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  I’ve been wanting to see this movie since I caught the tail end of it at the Austin premier through an odd sequence of events.  The end was hysterical!  I couldn’t wait.  Well, last night was the first obvious opportunity to present […]

Preventing HIV

RH Reality Check is a great organization that serves individuals and organizations committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights.  One way RH Reality Check does it’s great work is through a series of videos called Our Reality Video Series. For the moment, here is an interview with two women living with HIV. They […]

Top Ten Things To Do Before You Have Sex: A list for teenagers

This is actually an old post.  But I have had many requests for it again recently, and so thought it was worth bumping back up to the front for a day.  And yes, this is something to show your teenagers if you think they’re thinking about starting to – or have already started – having […]

Teach your teenager how to put on a condom

Is it awkward to whip out a banana or a cucumber (or even better, a penis model) and tell your teenager you’re going to show her the steps on how to put on a condom? Yep, no doubt. But there’s really no other good place for your teenager to learn how – except for trial-and-error, […]