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I’ll be on Kink on Tap!

I’m delighted to announce that this Sunday at 7pm CST I will be a guest at Kink on Tap – “the smartest sexuality netcast for the kinkily inclined!”  A longer description of the netcast, from Kink on Tap’s website, is: Tired of the pulp eroticization of sexuality? Annoyed by the self-aggrandizement of sex bloggers? Want […]

Internet Issues and Participation

Today I continue our conversation on how the ethical issues that present themselves to young people using social media by talking about participation.  The start of our conversation is here, and links to the other posts on the same topic are all in the comments section below. The Harvard Graduate School of Education report defines […]

Internet Issues

The Internet is a huge, hulking thing with so many nooks and crannies it can be hard to know where you are, much less know where your children are.  I have heard many horror stories about the Internet, and just as many stories of supportive networks and friends who use online media as a way […]


A new book hit the bookstores on Friday, and it is very well worth the trip to buy it. Laid is a collection of first person accounts of sexual experiences written by teenagers and young adults. The book tells real stories of real people. There are stories that are essentially good, bad, and mixed. There […]

Hug Nation

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting the dynamic John Styn at SXSW Interactive.  I was fascinated by John’s Hug Nation.  Schools across the country are banning all physical contact between students – including hugs.  I find that teenagers need hugs – they need physical contact.  In fact, we all need hugs, […]

What to do with that pesky YouTube?

Dr. Kris Gowen was lovely enough to take some time to talk with me last week about teenagers and the Internet – particularly YouTube. Kris modestly describes herself: I have been a sexuality educator for 14 years and I have spoken nationally on teens, the Internet, and sexuality at conferences and at public, community-based venues. […]

The secret to reaching teens about sex (or anything else)

Sex ed by text message. Of course it happened first in San Francisco, where they’re serious about getting sex education messages out, in any medium possible. The moral of this story is: Want to talk to your teenager? Do it in the medium she or he uses most. For many teenagers that’s text message. But […]

Today’s my birthday!

So I’m taking the day off. However, please feel free to fill my comment box with well wishes. 🙂 So in place of a more in-depth post this morning, please download and read my recent interview with Karen Kreps in this month’s Good Life Magazine about teenagers learning about sex on-line. See you tomorrow, folks.

Interview with Tina Hester from Jane’s Due Process

Karen: Hi Tina, and thank you for meeting to talk with me about your work. First, can you tell me a bit about Jane’s Due Process Legal Hot-line? Tina: Jane’s Due Process was formed after the state legislature passed a parental consent law for minors to obtain abortions. So Jane’s Due Process provides minors with […]

Interview with Lux Alptraum

Several months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lux Alptraum (that’s her over there on the left). Lux is one of the figures behind Boinkology, and an all around interesting person. Last month, Lux did an interview with me on Boinkology, and I enjoyed the talking with her so much I asked her if […]