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Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I am delighted to be at SXSW Interactive this weekend, talking with people about everything from sexting to sex ed to teens online.  It’s been an utter delight so far, and I’m sure the rest of the time will be fabulous as well! I am moderating a panel here at SX called Negotiating the Parent/Teen […]

Sexual bullying is not okay, even when it’s your sister

Welcome back from the holidays!  But more on that later, because I’m too worked up on this topic to be able to concentrate on returning-from-holidays-niceties. There is a recent meme floating around in the flotsam of the great wide Internet that seems to be causing much inappropriate hilarity.  Here’s the basic gist: A teenage girl […]

Negotiating about social media

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, blogs, and more blogs – so much online space, so many questions! I am delighted to announce that I will be moderating a panel called Negotiating The Parent/Teen Divide Over Social Networking at SXSW Interactive 2010. I’m very excited about this panel as an opportunity for parents and teenagers to speak […]

The seductive allure of the music…

Tonight I am preparing for a class tomorrow morning on gender.  I start all my college classes with a song that is relevant to the topic, and my dear partner and I were playing around with music for tomorrow, including The Kink’s Lola, Vitamin C’s Girls Against Boys, Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy, and […]

Sexting: What now?

So here’s my overview from last Thursday and Friday‘s conversation on sexting: Yes, it can be problematic, as can almost any form of communication. Texting is (currently) a ubiquitous communication method, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, so as parents, teachers, and caring adults, we have to make our peace with […]

Sexting, take two

Yesterday I wrote about sexting, in the original, text-based sense.  Today I get into those terribly troubled waters when teenagers send sexual images – either stills or video – of themselves. I’m hesitant to write about this topic, which is perhaps telling in and of itself.  I write about a lot of controversial issues (like […]

Sexting, oh sexting.

I’ve been asked a number of times in recent months what I think about sexting. So finally: my long-awaited response! There’s two different kinds of “sexting” that need to be addressed, and the issues are so substantially different that they need two separate conversations. So today I’m going to address text-only texts, e-mails, and other […]

Welcome back (or for the first time…)!

Well, I have been on quite the (unplanned) summer hiatus.  I apologize for my absence, and I look forward to being back with more posts a couple times a week from here on in. So what’s gotten me back writing today?  That would be the quote from Huffington Post, it would.  Pretty exciting, eh?  Huff […]

What does your body really look like?

I have heard from far too many parents that their teenagers don’t seem to know what their bodies really look like.  They are hypercritical, obsessive, and emotional.  They say things like, “I’m so fat” and “I wish I looked more like…” and they wince in the mirror.  The parents who bring this particular issue to […]

Scare tactics and sensationalism don’t work

The problem is that almost everything worth talking about – certainly anything related to sex and sexuality – is probably nuanced.  Scare tactics are black and white.  So too much of the conversation is left out, and the wrong impression can be easily taken away. The most recent version of this conversation is about a […]