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Raising Grown-Ups

(Written by Guest Blogger Mrs. Y.) A commenter on yesterday’s post makes some very good comments about adolescence as a social construct.  I couldn’t agree more that people tend to mature when society prepares them to and that teens can indeed take on adult challenges successfully.  Unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn’t seem […]

Why Teenagers Aren’t Grown-Ups

(Written by Guest Blogger Mrs. Y.) Tomorrow I’ll be talking about how parents can help their adolescent spawn establish themselves as adults, including in matters of the heart and, uh, other parts.  But today I want to talk about why I don’t think teenagers are adults.  Obviously I draw a distinction between teens living under the […]

Ew, Mom …

(Written by Guest Blogger Mrs. Y) Not so long ago – or so it seems to me – I was an adolescent and chock full of sexuality.  Now I am a suburban mom with a full-time day job, and getting my middle-aged freak on seems a lot less important to me in the cosmic scheme […]

Presentations and guest bloggers

This is a busy week for me. Tonight, and then again on Saturday morning, I will be talking with the 2nd grade parents at the Austin Waldorf School (AWS). This group of parents approached me, and asked that I come and lead a discussion about sex education. AWS is a small school, and these parents […]

alcohol and drugs and rape

 (Written by guest blogger Wendy Harlowe.) I said I would write about substance abuse and adolescent sexuality, but I am amending that. I think there are plenty of people who use alcohol and drugs without abusing them (experimentation lies in this realm), but I think my opinions still stand. Instances of rape (including date rape) […]


(Written by guest blogger Wendy Harlowe.)  First, again, please feel free to e-mail me privately at wendyharlowe@gmail.com if you don’t want to post comments here. I look forward to hearing from you. I’ve been gratified by the response to my first post, including comments and private e-mail correspondence. (Over the years I’ve worried about being […]

SXSW and a Guest Blogger

I am delighted to be attending SXSW Interactive starting tomorrow, Friday March 7th here in Austin. I intend to fully submerge myself in the rocketing pace of conversation, presentations, panels, and swag that is SXSW Interactive! Among the really interesting events I will be taking part are the following: What Teens Want Online and On […]


(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.) My guest blog for this month will be about 4parents.gov. I found this website through a commercial (they are all on their site) and I must say, it kind of disturbed me. On the about us page, they said this: “4Parents.gov is part of a national public education campaign to […]

My Own (Bi-)Sexuality

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  Hello again! Karen has graciously asked if I will write about once a month here, so this is my first regularly scheduled post. I will likely post on the first Monday of every month unless I have something that I urgently want to write about. If anyone has any questions […]

Your questions, my answers! (Part 2)

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  “You seem very open, honest, and liberal, but you depict your parents as fairly rigid and conservative. How much do you think your parents impacted who you are and how did they do that? I like the person you present yourself as and I sense that you like yourself as […]