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50 Shades of Crap

I something to admit to all of you. I have not read 50 Shades of Grey. Now, usually I’ll read or watch or listen to whatever it is that my students are reading or watching or listening. So yes, I have read The Hunger Games trilogy and watched the first movie. I make sure and […]

Absolute proof that sex ed saves lives!

(Here’s the necessary background to the story that I am about to tell, a prologue, if you will:  In addition to teaching my middle and high school classes, I also teach college courses on human sexuality through various psychology departments, both in person and online.  My online classes are offered through the University of Maryland’s […]

Video advice from a cartoon princess

I was going to write a post today about how I am starting a middle school sex ed class up this year and see if anyone was interested in joining us (Why do a big comprehensive sex ed unit in middle school?  See yesterday’s post for answers!) … but then I found the following.  And […]

Conception, contraception, and … Superheroes!

I have a lovely little jar that I pass around my college classes.  I call it my Jar’o’Sex.  When I pass the jar around, each student must write an anonymous question and put it in the jar.  Often the semester starts off with lots of questions, and then they slow to a trickle and eventually […]

How to talk about awkward sex things…

Last week’s Zits columns were fantastic.  I have always liked Zits, and this is just one more example of how fabulous this column is.  On Monday, we saw Jeremy and his girlfriend kissing.  Jeremy is a bit…over-enthusiastic: On Tuesday, Jeremy’s girlfriend comes to talk with him about the quality of their kissing relationship.  She manages […]

Needing some poetry to do the teaching…

With all the bad news about adolescent sexuality in general and sex education in Texas specifically (see here and here to get the point), I feel it is time to sit down and get serious about this stuff. At least three Texas public school districts use the Wonderful Days sex education curriculum, which goes above […]

Advertisements – the good, the bad, and the ugly

Happy Friday! I had a serious post in the works that went back to Wednesday’s post about The Hurried Child, addressing Dr. Elkind’s assertion that middle school and even early high school is too young for sex education and that a class is an inappropriate place for sex education to be taking place.  But it’s […]

Sex Ed vs. Drivers’s Ed

Another of the on-going and always-funny comparisons between sex-ed and drivers-ed. Because, as we all know, everyone ends up with a lisence at the end of both. And of course I love Zits.

And today, on a lighter note…

After Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I am ready for something on a lighter note. I recently ran across a fun comic called the Invisible Life of Poet by Christopher Wilson. Below is the one I found first – although many of the others are worth browsing through too.

German condom commercials

Germans take sex education far more seriously than Americans. That is to say, they go ahead and bite the bullet and do real sex education rather than stuffing their fingers in their ears and humming loudly whenever anyone brings up the issue. This was made loud and clear to me in my recent time in […]