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Everyone needs some of this!

As my classes are wrapping up (two down, three still to go!), sometimes students write me parting letters.  One of my college students wrote me something that I think speaks very well to why I do this work and why it is so important.  When students receive a full and well-rounded sex education, they are […]

Sexaulity in the Media Wednesday!

This is the last of the SiM Wednesdays for a little while.  But it’s a really, really good one. This image comes from one of my online students.  She was looking at what the media portrays as beautiful.  She was annoyed by what she found – that most of the images of beauty look very […]

Negotiating the road to adulthood

I have a friend with a teenage son. Actually, I have quite a few friends with teenage sons, but I’m thinking of one in particular this morning. She called me the other day because her 15 year old, after a day with a particularly high number of pestering questions and little annoyances, had refused to […]

My Dream Job and Changing Lives

A friend recently asked me if teaching sexuality education was my dream job. Indeed, it is. I feel I am able to offer students critical, life-saving information and support that is rare and so particularly important. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to make a real difference, to offer real acceptance where it […]

Suicides and tears

Today was a very emotional day in my college class.  The topic was sexual orientation, which is generally a fun, thoughtful day where we pick apart the differences in ways of defining and understanding sexual attraction.  Today I raced us through that part of the class so I could devote a substantial portion to a […]

Being yourself, even in the media

Today is the last in this semester’s series of my college students’ Sexuality in the Media projects.  We’ve had three so far (body shapes, teen parents, and LGBTQQIA).  But today’s project is easily my favorite of the semester.  The beauty of both the image and the message are both stunning.  Melissa Hernandez created this image […]

Media messages about teen parents

Yesterday I showed you the first of this semester’s Sex in the Media projects – and now here is the second! As part of their Sex in the Media project, my students often investigate how teen parents are represented in the media.  It’s a mixed bag, frankly, with sometimes glassy-eyed-approval of the beauty and sweetness […]

Ignoring what’s in front of you

When parents ignore what’s in front of them, they lose the chance to have meaningful conversations about choice with their teenagers.  Here’s an example (if you’re receiving this via e-mail or RSS, you’ll need to come back to my site to watch the video): What could the mom or the dad have said here – […]

The Declaration of Sexual Rights

My last two posts have been somewhat negative – or rather me complaining about the vast seas of incompetence and ignorance out there.  So I sat down to write this morning determined that it be positive.  So follow me through my train of thought and we’ll take a nice little ride together. First, this YouTube […]

Mama Who Bore Me

I had the pleasure of seeing Spring Awakening on Tuesday.  I had never seen it, nor had I read a full plot description.  So while I knew it was one of those things I needed to see, I didn’t have any preconceptions or really any details at all. What I found in Spring Awakening was […]