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Honesty about sex…er…

One of the questions I asked my Human Sexuality students last week was whether any of them had ever stretched the truth – or perhaps even flat-out-lied – about their sexuality.  Everyone giggled nervously and looked shifty eyed.  One brave young soul rolled his eyes and raised his hand saying, “Yeh, hasn’t everyone?”  More nervous […]

Teenagers are my heroes

Okay, so to be more specific, there are two Austin teenagers who are my personal heroes. I don’t know their names, or the names of any of their 20-odd friends who stood around and watched while they changed my tire in a parking lot at 2am late Sunday night. But I do know that there […]

Talking through your own sexuality issues

I recently spoke with a group of parents of second graders. They asked me to come and talk about how/when to talk with their children about sex and the myriad issues associated with it. They also wanted some assistance to help them come together into a cohesive group for the many years of parenting children […]

Giving birth on an airplane

I am about to drive to the Houston airport.  I am going there for personal reasons, but will now make the drive thinking about one 14-year-old Houston girl who was at the airport yesterday. The AP reports that this young teenager gave birth to a stillborn fetus in an airplane bathroom.  She put the fetus […]


(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.) My guest blog for this month will be about 4parents.gov. I found this website through a commercial (they are all on their site) and I must say, it kind of disturbed me. On the about us page, they said this: “4Parents.gov is part of a national public education campaign to […]

On teenage moms

I have been thinking a lot recently about teenage moms. I wasn’t a teenage mom myself – I was 21 when I got pregnant – but I looked like a teenager, and was often treated like a teenage mom. In other words, strangers felt they could make derisive comments about (a) my assumed inability to […]

Martin Luther King and the Jena Six

Today is Martin Luther King Day. To honor the work that Dr. King and so many others have given their lives for, I would like to talk about the Jena Six. This is an on-going story of racial tension in Jena, Louisiana. The short version that has received national attention began with black students asking […]

Your questions, my answers! (Part 2)

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  “You seem very open, honest, and liberal, but you depict your parents as fairly rigid and conservative. How much do you think your parents impacted who you are and how did they do that? I like the person you present yourself as and I sense that you like yourself as […]

Your questions, my answers! (Part 1)

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  Although this post was originally supposed to be for Friday, I got so many good questions on Wednesday that I did not feel they would all fit in one post. That said, I am still open to more questions for the rest of today or until about 10 PM Eastern […]

Sex Education, or the lack thereof:

(Written by guest blogger JustAnotherTeen.)  As many great teachers as my school may have, there is one that I absolutely cannot stand. I was supposed to take Health Education in my sophomore year and I really wish I had. Unfortunately it would not fit in my schedule till my junior year. The coach that left […]